Matita: ti garantiamo colori di tendenza per il filato canapa-cotone che più ami!

100% natural fibers and with new trendy shaded shades: the Matita yarn is increasingly irresistible and trendy! Read the article to find out more.

Fancy to be trendy this summer? With Matita yarn you are guaranteed to be able to do it.

Fashion color report at hand, we have studied two new colors of Matita yarn you will be SURELY trendy with!

Do you know why the color proposal of the Matita yarn is enriched every season? Why are you asking out loud!

Given the great demand that the Matita yarn has encountered all over the world, our color experts have studied two new fashion colors for spring/summer, which add to an already very successful color chart.

The search for naturalness is increasingly a must and the Matita yarn, with its 100% composition of natural fibers such as cotton and hemp, perfectly meets the needs of knitwear enthusiasts and those who know how to recognize quality, above all thanks to the perfect balance of the components that enhances all the positive characteristics of these two extraordinary fibers. The new colors represent a hymn to elegance and nature. Read on and find out more about Matita yarn and its colors!

Matita is so popular and loved by knitters all over the world because it packs a top balance of features.

Composition 100% natural – 76% cotton 24% hemp

a calibrated composition in order to enhance all the positive characteristics of both fibers, resistance, color brilliance, antibacterial and hygroscopic properties.

Natural effect

the soft twist that our experts have given to the Matita yarn also contains a slub element, specially inserted to give that characteristic “irregular” effect that creates movement on the surface of the garments and maintains the naturalness of the fibers that make it up. You can get an irresistible texture just by working in stockinette stitch. Like the waves that gently ripple the surface of the sea…

The unmistakable variegation given by hemp

are you still thinking about the rippling sea waves? Well: think of the surf’s foam and that play of white it creates on the shoreline. The presence of hemp and the different absorption of the resulting color gives the Matita yarn that characteristic mottling which distinguishes it and which has made it famous all over the world, together with its fantastic degradé shades.

An extremely versatile thickness

we designed it with needle 4, the most versatile! You will be able to make colorful pullovers, fresh cardigans, accessories for the summer and everything your imagination tells you!

You wash it in the washing machine


Don’t you already feel better just thinking about it? Do you want to put the advantage of washing your handmade garments in the washing machine? Ideal for those who are always in a hurry!


Matita shades are unique and unrepeatable… because we make them!

The natural fibers of the Matita yarn and its slub structure designed specifically to maintain its natural appearance, combine with an inviting degradé effect, made up of skilfully matched colors that fade in gradation and contrast.


New shade 46 >>> The nuances of acid green (on trend this year) and petrol that fade to turquoise and cobalt blue in a set of vibrant and charismatic tones.

New shade 47 >>> Refined shades from forest green to peach pink, passing through the shades of burgundy and musk in color 47, for those who love more delicate and intriguing tones.



Original colors that always follow fashion trends

Are you wondering how Adriafil colors are born?

If you’re wondering how Adriafil colors can always be trendy, well, we’ll explain it right away. The colors of Adriafil yarns are born from the hands of our fashion color designers who, every season, study, test and carefully choose the color combinations that will ensure you always follow the trends dictated by the fashion shows of the big fashion houses. That’s why you can have these guarantees with Matita yarn! The guarantee of a UNIQUE and unrepeatable colour, tailor-made for you and your needs.

New colors just released… enthusiastic knitters already at work!

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