Adriafil exclusively chooses Egyptian cotton.

Have you always wondered where the best cotton for knitting and crochet grows?
Cotton grown in Egypt along the fertile Nile has a very long fiber and a diameter below average: for this reason it is much more resistant than other cottons; in fact a garment worked with pure Egyptian cotton lasts for decades. Egyptian cotton is the best cotton for knitting and crochet in the world, because it guarantees a lasting result and gives the right value to the precious time dedicated to the creation of a handmade garment.

Our on-site experts carefully select extra long staple Giza cotton, stap by staple, at the right degree of ripeness. The Adriafil Egyptian cotton varieties offer a fiber whose fineness has a very low micron value (up to 3.05 micronaire), not found in other cheaper varieties. Higher finenesses indicate a coarse fiber.

Each Adriafil pure Egyptian cotton yarn is twisted into several garments, with a twist specifically designed according to use, while ensuring the uniform structure that has distinguished it for decades. Despite the solid and robust structure, wash after wash it gains in softness and, unlike other poorer fibers, it maintains its clean, shiny and shiny appearance. Don’t think about the cheap cotton lint that many offer. Adriafil Egyptian cotton does not make lint.

Why does Adriafil choose ONLY Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton has hypoallergenic, antibacterial properties and has a “hygroscopic behavior”, that is, it absorbs the body’s natural perspiration more and disperses it into the air. The typical characteristics of this fiber make it more resistant over time than Indian, Greek and even Turkish cotton. It has better resistance to multiple washes and maintains bright and unaltered colors over time. A project made of Adriafil quality Egyptian cotton will have the same brilliance and softness even in 20 years. A marked luster and better hygroscopicity are also given by the precious mercerization process.

If you choose Adriafil cotton, you choose the true quality of Egyptian cotton, but totally processed in Italy.


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