That Mistero is one of the most loved Adriafil yarns… has never been a mystery! Three new shades await you: read the article and discover them all.


Do you know why Mistero yarn has been so popular for over 15 years?

Because we conceived it 15 years ago to offer you and all knitting enthusiasts the most satisfying knitting experience possible.

Read on to find out why only with Mistero will you be able to say “a sweater like mine… nobody has one!”

The king of shaded multicolors enriches its color chart

We have chosen to reward you, who love it and have chosen it for your handmade garments for all these years, with three new shades to discover, one iron after another.
We also thought of you who love fantasy yarns… and you’ve never tried one like this! You will abandon everything else, because when you try Mystery you don’t go back. You can’t get enough of Mystery!
You’ll never get tired of its degradé nuances, of its so soft structure, but above all of the effect it has once worn.

Everyone loves it… and has been choosing it for over 15 years!

We have chosen to make Mistero one of a kind.

Don’t think that Mistero is a multicolor printed yarn like many others: it is the result of a complex study of color combinations made by our experts in the Adriafil laboratories! It is a must-have of multicolor yarns all over the world, precisely because the characteristics we are about to list have been modeled to make it so.

18 flakes of wool are dyed separately and then spun together, mixing and alternating them one on top of the other in a special tool that creates plays of shades whose development is a real surprise.

Degradé nuances (extraordinarily gradual and balanced) run along the entire yarn.
In each ball you can discover a world of shades.

That’s why mystery gives you that exclusivity that you seek so much when you create a handmade project: the nuances that are created on the garment by knitting or crocheting it – are always different, no project is the same as another!


We’ll let you in on a secret: did you know that after the tests, a choice of the final colors is also made?
If a color match doesn’t match according to quality standards that follow trends, we don’t choose it.
That’s right, because each Adriafil yarn is born from study and research, to offer you quality and guarantee in all respects.

You don’t forget the nuances of Mystery easily!

The Mistero yarn comes from a composition specifically calibrated according to the highest level of color rendering: 53% selected wool with the Adriafil guarantee and 47% high quality acrylic fiber. Did you know that? Thanks to the different absorption of color compared to pure wool fiber, acrylic fiber represents a fundamental component for obtaining the shades you have loved for many years.
Only the Adriafil recipe that gives the right balance of fibers can enhance the shades of Mystery so loved all over the world!
Not to mention the results in terms of comfort: a very soft hand for a garment that will become a favorite in your wardrobe.


New shade 72 >>> the violet that fades to lilac blends with all the shades of moss and undergrowth

New shade 73 >>> an extraordinary multicolor: electric blue, a mix of salmon and oranges, the blue that fades to yellow, will be the must-have of the season!

New shade 74 >>> a candy of a thousand colors, from shocking pink to fuchsia, passing through a touch of orange and an intense blue to make your head spin. Irresistible.


And the beauty of Mistero is that…

…is so easy, pleasant, quick to knit, with its number 7 knitting needle

…offers so many color combinations for the whole family

…is so versatile and suitable for making both knitwear and accessories

that you will no longer be able to do without it.






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