Adriafil is synonymous with Italian excellence in the world of yarns worldwide: a market in continuous expansion thanks to the particular attention to the needs of our consumers.

We carry on the culture of needlework and creativity in the study of threads to offer our customers products of the highest quality, completely Made in Italy.

Our yarns are made in different areas of Italy to follow all the processing stages in an excellent way, from the cotton staple to the yarn. Each yarn follows a tailor-made production process to guarantee a final product of the highest quality.

We work in full compliance with current regulations, the environment and human health: we are attentive to everything related to our products, but also our employees, using regularly qualified labor.

The Story

A story that began in 1911 in Mercatino Conca when Paolo di Lorenzo, Alberto di Lorenzo’s great-grandfather, had the intuition to use the water of the Conca river to power the wool spinning machines and start a new business, in addition to his own current miller.

In fact, in the area there were many animal farms including sheep whose wool could be purchased, processed and subsequently resold as yarn: thus the “Di Lorenzo Paolo & Figli” wool mill was born.

On the death of his father, around the 1950s, his sons Paolo, Alessandro and Giuseppe Di Lorenzo decided to split up: Alessandro moved to Rimini while Giuseppe ran the company in Mercatino Conca together with his young brother Paolo, already employed in the company. of the family business.

In 1960 Paolo Di Lorenzo moved to Cattolica and changed the name of the company to “Adriafil”. Thanks to his entrepreneurial skills and hard work, the company reaches all of Italy: the increasing requests for products led Paolo Di Lorenzo to the decision to move the business to Rimini in larger environments, first in Via Flaminia and then at the center GROS commercial center in Rimini.

Today the Adriafil company occupies 3,500 square meters at the GROS in Rimini, supplies many customers with its excellent yarns also abroad thanks to the work of Paolo’s son, Alberto Di Lorenzo who, supported by the skill and competence of his wife Sabina Garampelli, continues the work of his great-grandfather with passion.