For our productions we start from the choice of the raw material up to the shape of the ball: we use Italian structures in compliance with the laws and for the protection of the environment.

Our yarns are categorized into: classic pure wool and wool-blend yarns, fancy yarns, precious yarns, crochet and embroidery cottons.

There are numerous types of wool that we use for our yarns: each differs in fineness (microns), color and quality. We choose the wool according to the item we have to produce. The fineness of wool is measured in microns: the lower the micronage, the finer the wool and the softer the yarn: some of our products have very low microns to ensure very high quality and excellent workmanship. The choice of wool passes through a careful selection of the lots: we make sure they are free of impurities and light in color.

Our cotton products, both for knitting and crochet, are made with the finest Egyptian cotton fiber that is longer, more resistant and shinier than other qualities on the market.


The steps in the processing of classic yarns are few but extremely studied: we start from the choice of the raw material to continue to the processing stages. All the steps are strictly Made in Italy.

If the yarn is a blend, then not all wool, it must first be mixed well to obtain a high quality result.

Then we move on to spinning, where the yarn is “born”, to twisting, where it is twisted in various ways depending on the result to be obtained and to dyeing where we can choose to make solid, shaded or multicolored colors.

The choice of the shape and weight of the ball depends on several factors: type of yarn (intended as a composition, which can be more or less slippery) and the cost of the yarn (more or less precious), as well as the most suitable packaging to contain it. and “protect it”.

The quality and softness of our products is perceptible right from the packaging: the branded transparent bags make the products immediately graphically impactful and are capable of transmitting softness, while opening the box makes the moment of discovery of the treasure it contains magical. , a precious and elegant yarn.

Alongside the classic yarns there is the world of patterns where, depending on the type of processing, it is necessary to use special machinery (for example types: ribbons, puffs, multicolored tops, loom ribbons, chains, etc.): fantasies are studied both in the composition, in the title (yarn fineness dimension) and in the coloring.