Dritto & Rovescio is the Adriafil knitting fashion magazine: a careful study of the current trends gives life to a collection of knitting and crochet models to be made with the quality of Adriafil yarns, both for the more experienced and for those who are just starting out with the art of knitting.

The magazine is offered in spring / summer and autumn / winter editions and contains many splendid knitting and crochet patterns, with easy patterns and explanations to follow step by step, for the DIY creation of warm pullovers, comfortable cardigans, knitted dresses, patterns for men, accessories for the home and for the person, delicious baby clothes and much more.

The magazine is available in paper version to leaf through, or in digital version to always carry with you on your tablet or smartphone.

You can find the magazine at Adriafil retailers: find out where!

Or buy your copy here, paper or digital, with a few simple clicks.