Pure EXTRAFINE alpaca loved all over the world: the selection of fibers that Adriafil guarantees enhances the already extraordinary properties of this highly prized fleece.

We choose only the best fibers to ensure alpaca knitting yarns that meet your expectations and those of your skin.

It is not enough to say “alpaca” to say high quality. Quality with a capital Q comes from a careful mix of factors that Adriafil can guarantee.
If you happened to prefer an alpaca yarn to a wool one with the belief that it was a better yarn, you may have been disappointed.

Will the mere fact that its label states 100% alpaca be enough to confirm you that the yarn is hypoallergenic, does not pinch the skin and is warmer than a “normal” wool yarn? Well, here’s a secret: if you find 100% alpaca written on a label does not mean that it will respect your expectations.

It may even be the worst alpaca fiber your skin has ever touched! Such a big problem … but not with us.

We are here to explain why alpaca yarns are not all the same and why Sierra Andina Adriafil alpaca meets for sure your wishes.

When choosing an alpaca yarn for your knitting projects you need to be sure of many things: the origin of the fiber from safe farms and in suitable geographical areas, the breed of the animal, the age of the animal from which the shearing comes, the part of the animal’s body from which the fleece comes, the way in which the fiber is obtained. So many factors! For you, the end user of the product, it is difficult to trace all these aspects but it could be very easy, relying on those who have chosen fibers for your handknitting for over a century!

That’s why if you choose Adriafil alpaca yarns you already know that you are choosing the optimal result of a careful research:


  • the geographical origin is controlled, safe and sustainable:
    Adriafil alpaca fibre comes from that wonderful land that is Peru, the land where alpacas feel at home!

    This means less environmental stress for the animals, which live and graze in the environment in which they are born and to which they are genetically predisposed, while maintaining all the properties of the fiber of their fleece.
    But it also means sustainability, both on an environmental and social level: alpacas have soft and ‘muffled’ legs, which is why the practice of breeding these animals ensures that their natural habitat in the Andes does not suffer damage to native vegetation, unlike other kind of breedings, which instead cause high environmental stress on the land on which they graze.
    Furthermore, alpaca farms represent the main means of livelihood for thousands of families who populate the Peruvian Andes!


  • we rely on partners with decades of experience in the selection of fibers and in the control of processes, thanks also to a precious cultural heritage.
    A centuries-old practice of shearing, which comes from the ancient Incas: only the emperor and the royal family could “collect” the gold of the gods, that is the fleece of the alpacas! Every single step of the selection of Adriafil quality alpaca fibre is followed on site by a team of certified experts, always with the primary objective of guaranteeing the best alpaca fibre for knitting on the market, in full compliance with current regulations in terms of health and respect for the animal in the first place.
    Mulesing is not practiced in Adriafil alpaca quality farms!



  • we select the finest fibre of all:
    there are two breeds of alpaca, Huacaya and Suri. Only Adriafil guarantees you the use of the finest alpaca fibre, specially selected for knitwear.
    A longer fibre, less “crinkled”, thinner, more silky and shinier: maximum results both in terms of wear resistance and comfort, not to mention the refined silk-effect look.


  • Adriafil quality alpaca fibre comes from young animals, to ensure the best elasticity, softness and resistance.


  • the shearing is done from the “underfleece” of the animal, that is the layer in which the fibers are thinner (therefore softer) and more wavy (therefore there’s less heat loss) but also more protected from wear and from the action of atmospheric agents!


  • we do not accept compromises: Adriafil only offers extra-fine alpaca fibre.
    The finer the fibre, the more the yarn will gain in softness. For Adriafil alpaca yarns only less than 20 microns thick fibres!


  • the animals from which the Adriafil quality alpaca fibre comes from live in unspoiled pastures at 4000 meters above sea level where there is no pollution: the fibre gains in purity!


  • an exclusive fibre for exclusive garments: the Adriafil quality alpaca fibre is even more precious than the “standard” one; in addition to coming from the fleece of a highly prized alpaca breed, it is strategically shorn only once a year at the most appropriate time, that is in spring, before the summer heat. Do you want to know how much wool is obtained on average from an alpaca? From a female alpaca about 2.5 kg, from a male alpaca about 4 kg. Think how exclusive a garment handmade by you with an Adriafil alpaca yarn is! And do not think that the animal suffers from it, on the contrary! If it were not shorn, both the health of the animal and its fleece would be affected, becoming consequently harder. Adriafil always means guarantee of the best quality! 


Top of the range in alpaca fibre: for decades on the needles of knitters all over the world

Sierra Andina yarn: 100% extra-fine alpaca

Selected fineness fibres form alpaca flakes which are dyed separately in 3 different shades, then spun and twisted together to create the characteristic melange effect of the Adriafil alpaca colors. Unmistakable!

Not to mention the thin and super versatile yarn weight, to be knitted with knitting needles no. 3.5.
An optimal yield thanks to a yarn ball calibrated in the Adriafil laboratories, with 133 meters of yarn in a ball of 50 grams. The long and extra-fine fibre of the pure Adriafil alpaca guarantees uniformity, extraordinary softness on the skin and avoids the annoying phenomenon of pilling.
Only a yarn that encompasses this perfect balance of exclusive features guarantees an exclusive finished product! Be wary of economic choices without quality guarantees: Adriafil alpaca wool does not pinch and doesn’t make pilling!




Lana Naturale Inca yarn: 50% extra-fine alpaca 50% extra-fine merino wool

All the NATURAL shades of the alpaca fleece are enhanced by the extraordinary properties of the two fibres that give birth to the Lana Naturale Inca yarn.
Adriafil has chosen to offer undyed shades, in plain and mouliné colors, eco-friendly and which preserve the characteristics of the fibres unaltered.


The careful production processes followed by Adriafil team and all the resulting advantages in terms of functionality and comfort, enhance the intrinsic properties of this extraordinary fibre to the nth degree:

  • it is insulating and thermoregulating: the peculiarity of the shearing of the underfleece practiced by Adriafil guarantees longer and thinner fibres with a more “wavy” structure, therefore able to better regulate the heat exchange, keeping the natural heat of the body and decreasing its dispersion
  • it is the perfect alternative to wool, because it is hypoallergenic, as it does not contain lanolin
  • extra-fine: the exclusive micronage combined with the extraordinary length of the fibre ensure that it does not irritate the skin


The balance of properties you were looking for for your baby’s skin: the Adriafil alpaca is perfect for the knitted garments of the little ones!

  • alpaca fiber is shiny: it is shinier even than silk!
  • it contains keratin so it is more resistant
  • it does not shrink
  • it is 5 times warmer than ordinary wool
  • guarantees a wide choice of natural colors: the alpaca fleece can take on as many as 22 different shades!
  • it guarantees an enveloping and “fluffy” look to the garments


If you have always wondered what alpaca wool is like, you just have to try the Sierra Andina alpaca yarn by Adriafil, to be sure of the quality!






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