Adriafil guarantees the best result for your knitting and crochet projects, maximizing the intrinsic properties of an unbeatable raw material.

Why to choose Adriafil Egyptian cotton?

Thanks to centuries of experience in fiber selection and the continuous testing process on the finished product, Adriafil is able to guarantee the best results for your knitting and crochet projects, enhancing and making the most of the intrinsic properties of an unbeatable raw material.

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The cotton grown in Egypt along the fertile Nile river has a very long fiber with a smaller than average diameter: for this reason it is much more resistant than other cotton fibres.

Notoriously, Egyptian cotton fiber is very famous for being the chosen one for the creation of superior quality textile garments, selected by the most prestigious high fashion brands.

Along the same lines, growers with centuries of experience, followed by expert scientists commissioned by Adriafil, following the BCI lines for environmental sustainability, produce every year the best cotton fiber for crochet and knitting in the world.

In recent years the production of Egyptian cotton has become increasingly rare and the precious fiber that comes from it is almost impossible to find; for this reason many companies that used it for production have given up its use and all the superior qualities that comes from it.
It’s NOT us: Adriafil is the only company you can count on if you are looking for the prestige of 100% pure Egyptian cotton!
We don’t compromise because we want to continue to ensure you the superior quality you’ve been used to for decades.

A handmade garment with Adriafil pure Egyptian cotton yarn will last for decades.

To select Adriafil Egyptian cotton fiber we rely on those who have centuries of experience in growing the finest cotton fibre in the world

The properties of a fiber derive primarily from the geographical and climatic conditions in which it is grown: that’s why we specifically choose the special properties of Egyptian Giza cotton for spinning our yarns! Characteristics that come from environmental conditions unique in the world, such as those of the areas of the Nile River Delta, cited in all history books as “carrier of life”, thanks to a special climate conditions that make the land along its banks fertile and rich.
The Nile Delta represents a lush oasis in the Egyptian landscape, in contrast to the arid and desert areas, thanks to the waters of the great river, rich in nutrients.
Here the high temperatures typical of these latitudes are mitigated by the presence of the sea and the resulting heat is stored by the waters of the river, which releases it into the surrounding areas, reaching very high humidity levels and ideal environmental conditions for cultivation of the finest cotton fibre.

See how many possibilities you have with Adriafil Egyptian cottons!

The Egyptian cotton fiber most suitable for crochet and knitting

If the climatic properties of a geographical area influence the intrinsic qualities of a fibre, the latter in turn will influence the properties of the yarns made with it.
That’s why we care about selecting the best cotton fibers taking into account fiber length, strength, fineness and maturation!

Each season, our on-site experts carefully select Giza long staple cotton at the right level of maturity in order to respond to high quality tests relating to fiber length, strength, micronage, uniformity and spinning potential, and to guarantee knitting and crochet enthusiasts from all over the world the best cotton for knitting and crochet.
This is why Adriafil Egyptian cotton varieties offer a fiber whose fineness has a very low micron value (3.05 – 3.80 micronaires), not found in other cheaper varieties. Higher finenesses indicate a coarse fibre,  unsuitable for high performance and with no long-lasting results.


Why do we choose only Egyptian cotton to guarantee quality to our customers?

Egyptian cotton has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties and has an “hygroscopic behavior”, i.e. it absorbs more of the body’s natural perspiration and disperses it into the air.

The typical features of this fiber make it more resistant over time than Indian, Greek and even Turkish cotton.

It has better resistance to multiple washes (even up to 60°) and maintains bright and unaltered colors over time.

A project made in Adriafil quality Egyptian cotton will have the same shine and softness even in 20 years.

Long-staple Egyptian Giza cotton is a quality that Adriafil has chosen for 40 years for the production of its pure cotton yarns. This quality of Egyptian cotton, compared to American Pima cotton, is a winner in terms of resistance and uniformity of the fibre, has no imperfections and irregularities and does not pill.
It also presents greater tenacity and better performance in fibre elongation, a fundamental characteristic that reduces breakages during the spinning process and makes it ideal for hand knitting.

Recent studies by researchers at the Cotton Research Institute also confirm this.

Balanced twisting according to use

All the production phases of our yarns are carefully followed by a team of experts who study the most functional structure for each yarn. This is why each Adriafil pure Egyptian cotton yarn is twisted in multiple plies, with a twist specifically designed according to use, while at the same time preserving the uniformity that has distinguished it for decades.

Uniformity of the structure, guaranteed wash after wash

Despite its solid and sturdy structure, Adriafil pure Egyptian cotton becomes softer and maintains its clean, shiny and brilliant appearance unaltered wash after wash, unlike other poorer fibres.
Don’t think about the lint from cheap cotton that many people offer.
Adriafil quality Egyptian cotton does not pill.

The precious Giza cotton fibres selected by Adriafil absorb color in an extraordinarily uniform way.

The Egyptian cotton fibres selected by Adriafil ensure uniform and long-lasting color absorption.
A marked shine and better hygroscopicity are also given by a careful and precious mercerization process, which also enhances the twist of the yarn.

Choosing Adriafil Egyptian cotton means choosing the true quality of Egyptian cotton, produced with the knowledge and experience of Made in Italy.

Here’s an excellent raw material, ennobled even more by excellent production processes, a reflection of the know-how that Adriafil has gained in 112 years of experience in yarn production.
Each processing phase is followed by our production team in Italy, with the aim of enhancing the already extraordinary intrinsic properties of a fine fibre such as Egyptian cotton.

Adriafil Egyptian cotton is the most used by enthusiasts, who know a lot about quality.

Adriafil Egyptian cotton is the best cotton for your knitting and crochet projects, because it guarantees a long-lasting result and gives the right value to the precious time dedicated to make handmade garments. This is what those who work it every day said, with their own hands, for themselves and their loved ones.

In the best yarn shops for over 40 years.


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