DETTOFATTO yarn makes knitting and your life easier!

You know, knitting can be counted among the passions that facilitate relaxation and empty the mind. But anyone who’s about to learn this ancient art (and even you who are reading it!) Knows that there are also difficulties during the making of a knitting piece. How not to talk about all those threads that remain in the middle of the work at each color change? And all those knots? And the stress of not knowing if that ball will be enough for you to get to the bottom of the job? And of having to invent some particular point so that the work is not too standard and boring? DettoFatto… a piece of cake!

You will no longer have to worry about all these things, because – nomen omen – DettoFatto yarn solves all these problems in one go. How? Here you are all the PLUS of the DettoFatto yarn: It is a nice 150-gram wool-blend ball. And up to here you might think you don’t need it because you have your stock full of balls of yarn that you don’t even remember. Here is where the difference is compared to “all the other multicolor yarns”: you can’t help but remember about DettoFatto. HERE’S WHY:


* Composition specially calibrated according to the maximum results in terms of comfort, resistance and design: 60% of selected Adriafil guarantee wools and 40% of the highest quality acrylic fiber, where acrylic is a fundamental component to obtain the much loved melange effect in coloring, thanks to the different color absorption compared to pure wool fiber. Only the right balance of the fibers studied by Adriafil enhances the color shades of a yarn like DettoFatto and at the same time exudes a soft and comfortable hand.

* 150 g ball designed, conceived and calibrated by a team of Adriafil experts to make your life easier: the multicolor effect of the proposed shades is created by a special tool that programs the succession of colors so that the whole fantasy develops for each single ball of yarn

* you won’t have to leave annoying threads hanging for all the heads of the work! The 525 meters that Adriafil has designed for this yarn will allow you to create your own multicolor scarf (the new trend to break the greyness of winter!) without NEVER changing the ball or color, because it does it all by itself. Zero stress.

*a product that satisfies even those who get tired easily when knitting: the Adriafil guaranteed structure with mixed tops (wool flakes) makes the yarn pleasant to work and gives it airiness and softness

*DettoFatto is not a standard multicolor yarn like those you are used to: unlike standard yarn-dyed multicolor yarns, DettoFatto yarn is made up of many tops dyed in different shades, mixed at regular intervals, which create infinite shades of color on the sweater. , with chromatic games that are unique every time, to make each garment made with this yarn exclusive. Not to mention the three-dimensional effect of the succession of colors, which certainly does not go unnoticed!

*you work it with 4.5 needle, the most requested by knitting enthusiasts all over the world, because it notoriously offers the best time / work compromise: excellent processing speed combined with the pleasantness of knitting needles that flow well

*guaranteed satisfaction of those who receive a garment worked with the DettoFatto yarn: both Clarisse from France and Valentina from Italy already say so

*arises from the need dictated by the laws of fashion: the Adriafil design team has conceived this yarn specifically to be declined as an ideal knitting yarn for making the “easy scarf” but also for the maxi sleeveless vest which is so trendy for next autumn / winter. And you only need two balls of yarn to do it


Think that you will no longer have the stress of Christmas gifts because you can revolutionize the concept of the classic gift scarf. If everyone gives scarves, yours will undoubtedly be the one that will stand out, because it is handmade, with an Adriafil quality yarn.

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Check out the yarn here >>> DettoDatto