Rafia formato da 50 grammi: realizza più facilmente borse e accessori all'uncinetto

The news you were waiting for: Adriafil raffia has a new 50 gram format! The more meters of yarn, the more benefits. Read and find out more!

The raffia revolution for the summer: discover the new 50 gram format of Adriafil

Crochet lovers, get ready for a real revolution in the world of your summer creations!

We have listened to your needs: the time has come to try the new 50 gram skein format of Adriafil raffia!
A novelty that is already being talked about in all the best yarn shops.

Known throughout the world for its superior quality, Adriafil Rafia has stood out for years as a star in the firmament of craftsmanship.
This is no secret among enthusiasts, who choose it every summer to create crochet bags and accessories that are not only beautiful to look at, but long-lasting.

Why will the new 50 gram Adriafil Rafia hank format make your work easier?

  1. More yarn, fewer breaks – forget about constantly adding new skeins. With double the material, you can focus on your project with fewer interruptions.
  2. More yarn, FEWER JOINT knots! The dream of anyone who does creative work with yarn is to have no knots to hide! But do you think about it? With much more material and double the length you will be able to create your creations by making much fewer joints. This will also improve the final appearance of the knitted garment and make it cleaner and more professional, don’t you think?→ (By the way, if you want to know how to hide joining knots in your knitting projects, click HERE)
  3. Color uniformity: By purchasing bigger skeins, you reduce the risk of slight differences in shade between purchases, ensuring greater uniformity in your projects.
  4. Eco-Sustainability: With less packaging per gram of product, choosing the 50 gram format means making a more sustainable choice for the environment. The new format contributes to the reduction of packaging and supports the sustainability philosophy that characterizes Rafia Adriafil, in line with the growing ecological awareness in the handmade world.
  5. More yarn, bigger projects: the greater amount of material available expands your creative possibilities, allowing you to create larger or more complex projects without worries and interruptions.
    cappello realizzato in rafia adriafil, indossato da modellaHave a look to this super trendy bucket hat for example: with the new format of Adriafil raffia, you will only need two skeins to make it. Not bad, huh?PSSST, just for you reading this, download the free pattern here!

The raffia that everyone loves for making crochet accessories

Adriafil raffia, already appreciated for its natural elasticity, resistance and eco-friendly composition in 100% vegetable cellulose, is renewed not only in the format but also in the commitment to quality craftsmanship and environmental sustainability. This innovation represents a significant advantage for all crochet enthusiasts who are eager to take their creations to the next level.

A creative summer with Adriafil

Imagine making your next beach bag, the perfect hat to protect you from the sun or that unique accessory that everyone will envy, all with greater ease and continuity in the work. This is what the new 50 gram format of Adriafil raffia promises.

Get ready for a summer of limitless creativity. Let yourself be inspired by the new format and turn your ideas into reality with Adriafil raffia. The world of crochet has never been so exciting!

Seeing is believing

Remember, every project begins with the right choice of material. By choosing Rafia Adriafil, you opt for excellence recognized throughout the world. Join the new format revolution and discover how rewarding it will be to work on your next summer projects with the best raffia on the market. Make Adriafil Rafia your secret for a season full of beauty, quality and innovation.

Fashion houses and raffia: when haute couture meets craftsmanship

The use of raffia in the collections of major brands such as Prada, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dolce & Gabbana, testifies to its growing popularity and its impact on summer fashion trends. These prestigious names have embraced the versatility and natural aesthetics of raffia, offering exclusive accessories that have immediately become objects of desire. From Christian Louboutin‘s colorful and lively bags to the refinement of Jacquemus‘ raffia creations, fashion has shown that this material has an edge.

For crochet enthusiasts, this is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Imagine replicating, with your own hands, accessories that reflect the style and elegance of the creations of the great fashion houses, using Adriafil Rafia. The possibility of creating bags, hats and various accessories, which not only follow trends but interpret them with a personal touch, is now more accessible than ever.

The easiest raffia to crochet!

We designed it to be the most comfortable raffia, easy to work with, functional and beautiful to look at. Everyone says it!

Have you tried the new colors yet?

Save this color chart and request your favorites from your trusted Adriafil dealer

Are you wondering where to find Adriafil raffia?


New season, new crochet bag models to show off!

The blue and white shaded raffia bag, which recalls the freshness of the sea waves, perfect for a walk by the sea. The peculiarity: one handle folds over the other to close the bag and allow you to carry it over the shoulder.

The maxi envelope bag in earth tones, brown, honey and ivory, you’ve seen it in the big fashion shows and you can make it with your own hands! The special feature: trendy zip and fringe closure.

The rainbow beach bag with its bright colors is a declaration of happiness and freedom, almost a mosaic of happy moments to always carry with you. This piece is ideal for those who are not afraid to dare with color and want to add a touch of liveliness to their summer outfits.
The special feature: the Romanian spikelet handles in all the colors of the rainbow!

Each Adriafil bag tells a unique story, interwoven with quality and attention to detail, ready to become the undisputed protagonists of the hot season. They are more than just accessories; they are companions on summer adventures, keepers of memories and symbols of a personal and unmistakable style.


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