DettoFatto: the most requested multicolor yarn of the moment is available in three new fashion shades. Read the article and choose the color for the next project!

Take advantage of the new fashion shades to test how comfortable it is to knit the DettoFatto yarn!

All the pluses of DettoFatto in three new fashion shades.

For those who love intriguing and never dull tones such as -ever-fashionable- teal mixed with a pink with antique hues.

For those looking for masculine but lively colours,

for those who love to push the color accelerator… and their skin lights up with orange tones!
How our knit-designers create: basics of color harmony in hand, study of trendy colors for the season, feedback from enthusiasts. That’s why DettoFatto never disappoints and is different from all the other multicolours!

Now you have no more excuses: the most loved yarn of the moment has a crazy color chart designed on everyone’s needs and which enhances all the extraordinary advantages that only DettoFatto can give you.

DettoFatto was designed to be THE ball of yarn that makes you feel safe!


Color 86 >>> light blue, blue, green, anthracite:

the elements of nature in an intense color with cold hues

Color 87 >>> sweet and dreamy, intriguing and deep;

petrol, indigo and violet alternate with pink that fades towards emerald

Color 88 >>> fire and water chasing each other.

A game of contrasts that is a pleasure for the eyes!

You can’t help but fall in love with it…

Do you want to know why DettoFatto is the most loved yarn of the moment?

Because anyone who tries it is enchanted by its coloring that magically fades from one tone to another in gradations: it does so thanks to a special tool that combines many individually dyed wool flakes and spins them together.

Because these incredible nuances are highlighted by the composition calibrated specifically for this yarn. You can’t find the same!

Because you’ve been waiting a long time for someone to offer you the solution to the age-old problem of joint knots between the balls… you don’t need them! With DettoFatto and its 525m you significantly reduce the need to tie knots (and stress)

Because you don’t have to go crazy changing color every line, he does it all!

Because the softness of its spinning and its count make it ideal to be worked with the 4.5 mm iron, the most versatile of all.

Because with a handful of balls you already have everything you need to make any knit project.

Without all these pluses, DettoFatto would be just any multicolor yarn… and instead it is already one of the most popular among knitters all over the world.


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A yarn that satisfies everyone

You can try to look for something you can’t do with DettoFatto… but you won’t be able to find it!
The scarf is the perfect project, precisely because its ball comes from a balance of elements defined in detail: a calibrated footage to fully develop the color pattern in an entire ball, without having to tie knots. Brilliant, right?

…but with two balls you can also make a crochet shawl or a nice oversized vest!
A dress? Why not!
A men’s pullover? Of course yes.

In recent months we have filled our eyes with the beauty of your creations,

look at them all here!





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