Say goodbye to changing your wardrobe: Primosole yarn is the solution to your needs for all seasons. Read and find out why everyone loves it!

Be honest…

Is climate change making you lose your bearings and you don’t understand what season we are in?

in the morning you go out in your windbreaker and at midday you’re in short sleeves?

Does changing your wardrobe stress you out?

Don’t worry, Primosole yarn is your solution… in spring, summer, autumn and winter!

Four fibers for four seasons in a single yarn ALL SEASONS!

Read on and find out why it will become a must have in your wardrobe.

Primosole: your solution for all seasons and all types of climate!

In the heart of every knitting and crochet enthusiast lies the incessant search for the perfect yarn.
A yarn that not only elevates the quality of projects but which adapts gracefully to every season. This is why we thought of Primosole, an exclusive fusion of cotton, alpaca, modal and wool, designed for those who are not satisfied and always seek the best in their knitting.

Primosole is not simply a yarn; it is a promise of beauty, quality and versatility.
For anyone looking to elevate their knitting, Primosole offers the opportunity to explore new creative possibilities, regardless of the season.
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A composition that satisfies the search for the perfect all-season yarn

An interesting blend of cotton, alpaca, modal and wool that satisfies all the needs of those who love knitting and are looking for yarns suitable for all seasons.

A perfect balance that ensures softness, resistance and versatility. A precious ally for your projects (and for your wardrobe!)

This combination of fibers promises to provide the versatility, comfort and aesthetics sought by knitting and crochet enthusiasts, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a superior quality yarn suitable for a wide range of projects and weather conditions.

Colors designed for all seasons

The color range of Primosole yarn was specifically designed to be suitable for every season: 10 elegant shades with a “dusty” effect that offer a sophisticated and modern aesthetic, perfect for every design.

With Primosole you are fashionable: let yourself be inspired by the Pantone color of the year!

In the beating heart of fashion and design trends, Primosole yarn stands out this year for enthusiastically embracing the Pantone color of the year, peach fuzz, immediately becoming a must-have for knitting and crochet enthusiasts.

This choice not only demonstrates Adriafil’s commitment to staying at the forefront of trends, but also offers knitters around the world the unique opportunity to infuse their projects with the energy and charm of the most influential color of the moment.

Knitting with Primosole means not only choosing a superior quality yarn for your projects, but also embracing a vision of style and innovation that will speak directly to the heart of anyone who sees and wears your creations.
Don’t miss your chance to be part of this trend: Primosole is your ticket to exploring the endless creative possibilities that the Pantone color of the year has to offer, making every knit and crochet project a statement of fashion and relevance.

The satisfaction of those who have already knitted or crocheted Primosole yarn

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Look at the shirt ideas we offer and request your favorite from your trusted Adriafil store.

With its rich composition of cotton, alpaca, modal and wool, Primosole invites you to explore a myriad of projects that span the seasons, perfectly responding to the searches and desires of all enthusiasts.

Imagine creating soft cardigans that gently envelop you on cool spring evenings, or elegant shawls that add a touch of class to your autumn outfits, without forgetting the essential autumn pullovers, which find their ideal companion for comfort and style in Primosole.

For summer, the light and breathable knitted tops made with this yarn promise to be the protagonists of the wardrobe, offering a unique sensation of freshness thanks to the balanced blend of fibers specially designed to guarantee thermoregulation in all seasons.

Finally, Primosole’s “dusty” color palette opens the doors to infinite creative possibilities, allowing you to create garments and accessories that adapt to every taste and occasion. With Primosole, each shirt becomes an expression of elegance and refinement.

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