Mohair Adriafil means Superkid: an extraordinary color hold, unparalleled volume and softness, thanks to an excellent fibre. Discover the secrets of Kid Mohair!

Close your eyes and think of a feeling of well-being enveloping your body.

It’s instinctive: when you’re in situations of emotional, physical, psychological stress, when you’re looking for a way to mentally and physically “escape” from the routine and daily frenzy, the mind always tries to reach that happy oasis, that feeling of well-being that can brighten a gray day.

You know that feeling? When do you find that thing that makes you feel good? A perfect knitting, for example!

Imagine letting yourself be pampered by an impalpable cloud, imagine wearing a warm mohair sweater, caressing it, wrapping your arms around your body and cradling yourself in its sweetness. You have found the feeling of well-being.
Sometimes you don’t need to escape to find it, you just need to make the right choice!

Choosing Adriafil Superkid quality mohair means making the right choice

Because only with an inexhaustible spirit of research and constant evolution can the best results be obtained.
Because Adriafil quality mohair is SUPERKID
Because it has a natural cloud effect: it is not brushed, this is how Adriafil quality mohair is born in nature!
Because Kid Mohair Adriafil allows you to knit soft and impalpable garments as fashion dictates: every time you will have an exclusive sweater, thanks to the characteristics that only Adriafil quality can guarantee!
You can choose whether to knit it with double, triple, quadruple… or even single yarn, because Kid Mohair Adriafil offers extremely versatile knits… and accompanies you all year round!

If you are looking for well-being, do this test: take a ball of Adriafil Kid Mohair in your hand, enjoy that incredible sensation it gives you, instant warmth, lightness, a pampering for your skin and for your soul… true did you find what you were looking for?

Read on and discover all the secrets of the Adriafil superkid mohair


Choosing Adriafil mohair means choosing a SUPERKID fibre

Not all mohairs are created equal! Be wary of those who offer low-cost mohair, because it does mean mohair, but with a thicker second or third choice fiber that comes from an elderly animal, therefore harder and less performing.

If you choose Adriafil you solve possible problems from the outset, because Adriafil only uses SUPERKID mohair fibres.

What is superkid mohair? It is the fiber that comes from the first shearing of young animals: it means finer, shinier and smoother fibers of an almost transparent white colour.
If the animal ages, the fibers thicken and both the functionality and the value of the yarn are reduced.

This is why Adriafil quality mohair does not sting!

  • Choice of the finest fiber

    The shearing of Adriafil mohair is exclusive and is done, in a controlled manner, only twice a year, thanks to practices with millenary know-how: only fibers are carefully selected that meet the high quality standards that Adriafil has always guaranteed, evaluated for fineness, length, shine, uniformity, cleanliness, elasticity.

    The fineness of the SUPERKID mohair fibers that make up Adriafil yarns is between 24 and 30 microns. Micronages above 30 microns indicate a more adult fiber, coarser and not suitable for knitting: be wary of cheaper products, they are not ideal for knitting and will waste a job you spent time and money on.


  • Perfect color enhancement

    The mohair fiber is famous for having a natural predisposition to dye, but only the purest one!
    For this reason, Adriafil experts select the whitest and purest superkid mohair fibers and carry out specific tests in the dyeing laboratories to obtain the best results in terms of stability, uniformity and vividness of the colours.
    The result is an excellent color fastness that is well rooted in the fiber: in fact, Adriafil’s Kid Mohair yarn is available in 35 intense, deep and guaranteed effect colours!
    A range of fashion colors that every season is enriched with trendy shades identified by our knit-designers.

Volume, extraordinary softness, thermoregulation

How is it possible that with such a thin and apparently delicate yarn it is possible to obtain such a soft, airy and voluminous final result? The fibers carefully selected by Adriafil do not need brushing (the process that “extracts” the hair from the fibres)… they are so natural!

Natural volume, maximum airiness, unparalleled softness and lightness in garments knitted with Adriafil quality mohair: thanks to careful selection, Adriafil can guarantee you the best kid mohair fiber for knitting!
The “space” that is naturally generated between one fiber and another retains body heat and releases it when in excess, maintaining unmatched natural thermoregulation.
This is why Adriafil Kid Mohair is ideal for making handmade garments for all seasons!


  • Responsible innovation: state-of-the-art machinery and continuous product testing

    Adriafil kid mohair has been recognized for decades as one of the best mohair yarns for knitting also thanks to the absolutely avant-garde equipment with which all production processes are taken care of and to the meticulousness of a team of experts who dedicate themselves daily to product tests in the laboratory, to transform experimentation into constant innovation.

    The geographical origin is controlled, safe and sustainable

    The Adriafil quality superkid mohair comes from fine Angora goats raised in selected pastures in South Africa in the Karoo region, by certified and meticulous partners, who responsibly take care of the well-being of each individual animal in compliance with the guidelines on environmental sustainability and social, which for us is a must.

    The natural adaptation to the arid climate regions where Adriafil quality Angora goats graze means that their fleece develops particular thermoregulation properties.
    And it is also thanks to this aspect that the fiber reaches exclusive finesse!


Kid Mohair Adriafil: for over 30 years in the best yarn shops

Balanced composition for maximum results

4/5 of Adriafil KID MOHAIR yarn is made up of the best superkid mohair fibers specially chosen for knitting; a fifth of its composition is functionally represented by the technical fiber (nylon), strategically mixed during the spinning phase to ensure resistance to wear and stains and to give solidity to its structure. This skilfully balanced composition, combined with the natural “nervousness” of the superkid mohair fiber gives solidity to the structure of the yarn and unparalleled elasticity and crease resistance. Forget to iron!

Excellent yield

230mt of yarn in a soft 25 gram colored cloud: you can choose whether to work it tightly with knitting needle 3 or to create transparencies by working it double with knitting needle 5!

With Kid Mohair Adriafil you have the opportunity to experiment with different manufacturing techniques, from a “standard” stockinette stitch to the “lace” technique to create exclusive shawls and accessories.

Ever-evolving range of fashion colours

You can make a more classic or more fashionable choice: Adriafil Kid Mohair yarn gives you the possibility to always feel in step with the times, without giving up either the elegance of more delicate shades, or the exuberance of more shocking and lively shades: it is proposed in more than 35 colours!

A constantly evolving range that interprets the dictates of fashion.


Work it in pairs with other yarns: it will amaze you!

Adriafil Kid Mohair is also extraordinary in pairs: combine it with Avantgarde or Azzurra. It will enhance the twist of the yarns it matches with, enriching them with its extraordinary mohair effect and, why not, with a contrast of colors that you can choose!
But the most intriguing thing will be the result: highly original.

If you’ve always wondered what mohair wool is like, you just have to try Kid Mohair to be sure of the quality!




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