The yarn that makes you want to knit your summer accessories. Read and find out why Tuttotondo works so well!

Early spring warmth = a great desire to devote yourself to new creative projects!
And we know that you are crazy about accessories and every spring you run in search of the most suitable yarn to make them by hand.
That’s why we thought of the TUTTOTONDO YARN!

Look at these accessories crocheted with Tuttotondo, look at the regularity, look at the texture… doesn’t it make you want to?

Tuttotondo is the yarn that gives you the satisfaction you are looking for when starting a new handmade project. Why?
Because IT IS NOT THE USUAL polypropylene string for bags, but it is much more: we thought it round, full-bodied, with a texture that defines the stitches like no other yarn can do and softly underlines the workmanship, it is NOT the classic cord in polypropylene plastic but in cotton Adriafil guarantee… and because in addition to making accessories that will last you a lifetime, you can also make knitwear with it.


Read on and find out why it will be your trusted ally for the summer!

Only with Tuttotondo can you make accessories that everyone will envy you!

Not the classic Thai string in plastic material for crochet bags:
Tuttotondo is made in Adriafil guaranteed cotton!

A true harmony between natural fiber and technical fibre: Adriafil technicians have specifically studied this new blend in which only the cotton tape (Adriafil brand quality) is in contact with the skin, while the percentage of nylon is essential to ensure final result and obtain the maximum in terms of resistance, lightness and colouring.

A yarn that maintains roundness and volume without sacrificing lightness.

The Tuttotondo yarn is a tubular tape with a double added value: the knit of the external cotton structure keeps the garments elastic, while the polyamide core, which gives it the internal volume, is essential to give the characteristic roundness to the yarn and giving at the same time lightness without being “sagging”. Outstanding stitch definition!

A resistant yarn: it is specially designed for accessories that you will “mistreat”.

Yes, because we know that accessories are always the most “mistreated”! You place them everywhere, you hang them, you drag them … but remember that Tuttotondo is not a string of plastic material, nor a twisted yarn, but we made it on purpose in tubular cotton, because we care about your satisfaction … and we want May your creations last you a lifetime!

Someone is already at work!

Marinella has already created a delicious bottle holder and is working on a modular bag… she’s already in love!

Silvia and her crochet bag for the summer: she undid it three times because she hadn’t counted the stitches correctly… the Tuttotondo yarn didn’t get damaged even a bit!

Versatility is its strong point

Would you ever make yourself a shirt with Thai lanyard? No. Because it would be like wearing armor! Heavy, plastic, uncomfortable.

Here is the added value of Tuttotondo: as well as splendid accessories that will last you a lifetime, with Tuttotondo yarn you can also create knitwear!

Knitting, crochet, Tunisian crochet, choose the technique you prefer. Tuttotondo lends itself to the most diverse processes.
Thanks to its structure, you can choose to work it with the recommended number of needles/crochets, to experiment with a softer hand or a more full-bodied one: Tuttotondo will always maintain definition, structure and lightness.

Look at the exceptional texture of the fringes on this shirt!


Look at our knitting ideas and request your favorite from your trusted Adriafil store.

>>> Click and request the nearest sales point on whatsapp

>>> Click and request the nearest sales point on whatsapp

Tuttotondo: a structure that guarantees easy, pleasant and fast processing.

That’s right, if you are looking for a yarn that “doesn’t fall apart” you are in the right place.

Our production specialists have outdone themselves this time: it wasn’t enough for them to think of a range of colors that makes you feel like summer, nor was it enough for them to give Tuttotondo such an inviting depth. That’s enough?

Also ideal for knitting beginners

You can work it with the 5mm needle and thanks to its fast and regular knitting it is also perfect for those who are preparing to knit for the first time because it flows well and gives immediate satisfaction!


Cheerfulness on knitting needles: a color chart that lights up summer!

Adriafil cotton is a guarantee of quality and durability.
The quality is also distinguished by the color of the raw material: the whiter it is, the brighter the colors.
That’s why with Tuttotondo yarn you can have knitwear in colors like these!

Ideal for those who love to stand out and for those who love bold colors but don’t want to give up a romantic touch, without forgetting the elegance of classic basic tones such as black and white.

Shades for both spring and summer, in line with fashion trends, which can be combined according to the dictates of color harmony, with all skin tones.




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