The yarn to stand out from the crowd… super bright texture, shocking colors and easy to work with.

Discover the magic you can do with Abracadabra!

If your winter wardrobe is tired of always seeing the same colors… grays, blacks, beiges and browns…
If you are a solid color type but don’t want to give up that “brilliant” touch to enhance yourself…
If you like to knit and make your handmade garments but you can never find the right yarn that is versatile and easy to work with, that guarantees you the best results in terms of elegance without sacrificing comfort…

… Then you’re in the right place.

Your solution is called ABRACADABRA and it really does a lot of magic!

Adriafil always has the solution for you, because our yarns are born from your needs.
Read on to find out why Abracadabra is just the yarn you’ve been looking for.

With Abracadabra you say NO to the usual colors: 3 different palettes in just one yarn!

Fashion / shocking palette


Sad thinking of the gray of winter? We know it.

That’s why when we studied Abracadabra we dared with colors!

Abracadabra offers a palette for all tastes, needs and, why not, mood!
Day palette, afternoon palette, elegant evening palette.
Spring palette, autumn palette, winter palette.
Easter palette, Halloween palette, Christmas palette… Abracadabra’s colors solve every situation for you.

Delicate / baby palette

No more indecision, no more complexion problems, Abracadabra also does its magic with colours.
Adriafil’s team of knit designers studies the trendy color palettes for the season and creates the perfect nuances to guarantee you a choice that is never predictable and in line with current trends.

Electric / elegante / autumnal palette

Did you know that? We choose the fashion colors by studying the fashion shows and we create our knitwear models at the same time as the yarns, already thinking about the style and color they will have to have.

The creation of a yarn is a harmony of many voices!


Simply irresistible

Letizia is already at work: from this… to this!


The look of mohair without the mohair!

Thanks to the tests by Adriafil experts, you will be able to obtain garments with a soft hand and that mohair effect that is so fashionable… but without the mohair! What’s your advantage? Get the look you want and keep a comfortable hand, while keeping costs down!

But how do you get such a high-performance result? The team in the Adriafil laboratories takes care, carefully and with skill, to entrust each yarn with the perfect structure according to the maximum results in terms of comfort, look, use and durability.
For the Abracadabra yarn he studied a soffilo structure, whose tubular core, underlined by the lamé insert, is made with a lower number of needles than those normally needed to obtain a more “regular” structure.
This means that the weave of the thread is intentionally more “airy”: a balanced mix of wool and technical fibers is then blown inside the tubular (hence the word soffilo) naturally “escaping” from the spaces created in the supporting structure and giving the yarn the characteristic mohair effect which, otherwise, could only be obtained with raising.


You don’t have to buy lots of balls: Abracadabra has an excellent yield!

Your trusted Adriafil dealer will offer you the solution to the age-old problem of “how many balls do I need?” “And if that’s not enough?” “I have to buy too many if I want to make that model!”
6 balls will be enough for a simple pullover in stockinette stitch; thanks to the blown structure we mentioned earlier, the yarn is very light and in just one ball of 50 grams you will have 175 meters of yarn to use for your sweater!
No stress for changing the ball, fewer knots to hide on the shirt.
There is nothing better than getting a quality product at the best conditions!



Abracadabra provides you with the best compromise between comfort and elegance

Do you want an item of clothing that will solve your cold evenings, perhaps in a restaurant where an elegant look is required, but without squandering your wealth on yarns that do not add functional value to your outfit?

Do you want to stand out but without giving up comfort and warmth?

Do you still want to be in order but different from the usual?

With the Abracadabra yarn you combine the comfort and refined look of the mohair effect with a spark of elegance; yes, because the functional structure of Abracadabra is underlined by a lamé insert that shines, creating plays of light on the shirt. Each light source will be reflected on the garments made with Abracadabra, making them unique!

What’s your advantage? Not only do you get a super soft mohair effect garment (without the mohair!) but you take it to the next level, where your garments become exclusive.



You can knit anything you want: you work with the 4.5 mm knitting needle, the most versatile, but you can choose to interpret it as you like!

Abracadabra has been tested by Adriafil knit-designers to be worked with 4.5mm iron, the most versatile, in order to maintain the characteristics of airiness, lightness and softness unaltered, without giving up on obtaining a pleasant and regular stitch definition.

However, if the “regular” knit is something you have already seen and tried, Adriafil has chosen to give you one more idea: in our Dritto & Rovescio 73 knitwear patterns magazine, we have interpreted the Abracadabra yarn by offering you two ways to knit it to “renew the standard”. Want to know why?


The “Kleinia” dress has been designed to be comfortable and soft in shape, interpreting the Abracadabra yarn in an even more “airy” and flowing way, with a combination of 6 and 10 needles, to obtain a real cuddle to wear.

A mohair-effect dress with a young look, with a peek-a-boo effect in the part with a thinner weave, but with a more solid finish where it is necessary to have a more covering effect.

>>> Discover here KLEINIA pattern




With the “Photinia” cardigan, on the other hand, during the drawing up of the sketch, we chose to use a smaller needle (3mm) to give the cardigan a more structured and solid look, also and above all to give more contrast between the parts stockinette stitch and openwork inserts, making them more visible.

How boring would it be to see the world from a single perspective?

>>> Discover here PHOTINIA pattern






Have a nice knitting time with Abracadabra Adriafil yarn!




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